Monthly Update

November 2018

I wanted to let you know that all the coats we collected have now been delivered with the exception of those for local students which are being laundered and will be passed out next week.  I want to thank all of you that were involved in the program in collecting, sorting and passing out.  Great job.  

We were also fortunate enough due to the generosity of the community to be able to support not 2 Seminarians, but 4.  At the breakfast a few Sundays back we handed out 4 checks for $ 500 each to Seminarians in need.  We also had a surplus that was used to offset the cost of the Appreciation Dinner which was enjoyed by all. 

This time of year it's so important for us to take stock in how fortunate we are to be who we are, live where we live, and have all that we've been given.  Really hit home for me over the past few days delivering coats to the shelters, and passing out pies to Newtown residents that need assistance at the Food Pantry.  Quite a humbling experience.  It's critical, especially being Knights that we work hard to make lives better for those less fortunate because that's what Jesus taught us and Father McGivney guides us to do.  To give a man your coat.  I hope and pray that as each of us sit down with family and enjoy the bounty we are about to enjoy for Thanksgiving, that we never forget those that don't share our fortune and recommit ourselves to their care. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all.  Be safe.

Vivat Jesus,