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from the desk of our grand Knight

St. Virgilius Council 185 in Newtown was founded in 1896 by a group of 33 men primarily of Irish decent. They chose to name the council after an Irish Monk by the name of St. Virgilius. St. Virgilius was born in Ireland the early 700’s. He was known as “the Geometer” because of his extraordinary knowledge of geography. He was a dedicated missionary priest who became a bishop in Germany where he spent 40 years converting people to Catholicism. He died on November 27, 784 and was canonized by Pope Gregory IX in 1233. His message was to “share his Faith with others” which made him an ideal choice as our council’s namesake.

The St. Rose of Lima Knights of Columbus Virgilius Council 185 proudly provides support through the following primary activities:

Volunteer Service

Community Involvement

Culture of Life

Church Support

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